Cabin Designs
Written by Bambi Gauthier   
Tuesday, 16 March 2010

CURRENT CONSENSUS:  FIRST CABIN    300 sq ft, 1/8 Scale Rough Sketch

Pro’s  – Already consented to by full circle at the Governance 2009 Gathering

  • Creates four dry spaces (10’X 7.5’) for short or long-term visitors/residents.
  • Easy to build.
  • Could include lofted beds in some rooms.
  • An additional doorway between rooms would allow for more flexibility, and for long-term residents to use an empty room between gatherings.
  • each room gets sun from same angle as kitchen
  • communal deck creates community and makes all four units reasonably accessible.
Con’s  -    each sleeping space is quite small.  (beds drawn to scale.)

  • there is a lot of shared wall which creates privacy and sound issues
  • no one space is large enough to be multi-purposed


  • Creates three living spaces, each with a small deck toward the sunset view, and a communal entry deck.
  • Each living space is 10’X10’, so significantly larger than Consensus Cabin living spaces.  This allows for a table and chair as well as a bed.
  • There is less shared wall space reducing privacy and noise concerns
  • It is very easy to build three identical 10X10 pods with standard cut lumber, so could be built quickly.
  • (One) Fewer living spaces than Consensus Cabin
  • no big front porch
  • doesn’t have consensus so might delay process
ALTERNATE CABIN DESIGN PROPOSAL II -  1/8 scale drawing  306 sq ft (from Endora)  

  • Creates two PRIVATE small living spaces attached to a larger PUBLIC multi-purpose room  (beds to scale)
  • The sleeping Unit on the left above is roughly ADA accessible, one story tall, and placed so that deck has a view of sunset.
  • communal front Deck remains
  • Sleeping Unit on the right is a ‘tower’, with a significant sleeping loft and upper deck. Under the loft would be room for a desk, table, or small couch.  This would only work for someone who could climb very steep stairs or a ladder to reach their bed.
  • Larger central room  (15’X12’) could accommodate two to four folding bunks  that could fold away when space is needed for programming
  • Room includes a closet to stuff sleeping bags from bunks.  This provides sound barrier between  large room and sleeping units for residents.
  • Sliding Glass door entrance lets in lots of sun and is easy to install.
  • Rear deck allows view of sunsets off the common room.
  • Outside of gatherings, residents/long-term visitors could use the common room as a ‘living room,’ and keep the sleeping units as their private ‘cells.’
  • cute looking, has a tower with a deck and an interesting façade.
  • only two small private spaces for long-term visitors or residents
  • more difficult to build given levels, etc.