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Annual Meeting 2011 PDF Print E-mail
Written by AuTom   
Wednesday, 02 February 2011

It's time for the Annual Meeting.  Read on for all the juicy tidbits.  Registration is open NOW.


Hurrah, the days are getting longer and the long push toward the Vernal Equinox is underway!  Even though the snow has been beating our excitement down, we can take comfort knowing that Time will win out in the end and Spring will be here with the Fair Maiden in tow.  Love that gal!

The Co-Ordinating Plan-it extends is warmest wishes and asks that you come to gather for the Annual Meeting 2011.  Riding a high from the More Than Annual Meeting in December, we’ve culled together some great new topics and carried over a few old ones that require a little more attention and love.  As usual, the weekend is about “bidniss” but judging from the MTAM, a lot of fun and frivolity will be had as well.  But specific to the Annual Meeting is selecting our new Co-Ordinating Plan-it members and installing our new Titular Heads, a time-honored tradition moved from the now-defunct Governess gathering.  In that vein, if you’re interested in being on the CP, now is the time to make your intentions known.  Reach out the the current CP so we can answer any questions you might have or vice versa.  The Annual Meeting is also the time to board any of the Plan-its where you can help shape Destiny’s movement into the future.  All the Plan-its need new participants (Co-Ordinating, Land Use, Gathering, Money, and Residency).  
Our usual format will be used again and the details will be posted on the website (www.faeriecampdestiny.org, logged in of course) as they are fleshed out.  That’ll also be the place for the Agenda (which incidentally was a great success at the MTAM) which I’d ask you to print off and bring with you.  
A special request from the CP;  if you have any ideas that you feel need to be brought to the AM and should be included in the Agenda, let us know soon.  Simply email us at This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it  Enough already!  

What:  Annual Meeting 2011
When: March 18-20, 2011
Where:Jade’s House, 6 Hapgood St., Bellows Falls, VT.
How:    Carpool, amtrak, Vermont Bus Lines, broomstick.  Just know that there is NO overnight parking in BF so try the TD Bank parking lot down the street a bit.
Bring:   Bedding, pads, pillows, slippers, warm clothes, music instruments, condoms, lube
Cost:   The usual Fae tradition of DONATIONS will be appreciated to help defray the cost of food, house and heating expenses.  

(Thus far) Topics for the Annual Meeting 2011

1.  Shower Privacy:  Reduced interest in privacy and more interest in organic materials
2.  Budgets for each plan-it and connecting it to visions of what we want to do.
3.  Children on the land (Moon) update
4.  ACT 250 process/update and reach out to Mayer’s
5.  Contessa’s culture moon/plan-it suggestion
6.  Substance use on the land
7.  CP selection and installation of Titular Heads

8. The Budget Throwdown

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