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Shelburne Falls Slumberama PDF Print E-mail
Written by AuTom   
Tuesday, 16 November 2010

Wanna hear about our happening in Shelburne Falls, read on!


It was a gorgeous weather weekend in Shelburne Falls last weekend when several Fae's gathered at Jason's for an informal, no work, no agenda weekend of cooking, talking, music making and the like.  Most people arrived late on Friday evening to a lovely soup made by Steve which totally set the tone for the weekend.  People got their bowls and settled around the wood stove which was kicking out the BTU's to make it a cozy, nurturing space.  Couches were claimed, air mattresses inflated and a general settling in begun.  It was clear that we were all very excited to see eachother and hang out.

Soon the music started (around the wood stove) with both Matt and Jason on guitar, AuTom on Ukulele, Mercury on the instrument I can never remember the name of and eventually Daisy on Autoharp.  We went through a lovely song list of crowd pleasers until we finally settled on our song, "House on the Hill".  Aside from forgetting most of the words, the chords were easy (Am, C, G, D) and we had a great time.  I think most were tired from traveling and the week's labors since we went to bed fairly early.  And it was a wise choice since Saturday's morning was a blockbuster of weather, delicious food and highly caffeinated beverages.  A crew of us walked into the village to see what kinds of arts and crafts Shelburne Falls had to offer.  I was glad to see several pottery outlets as well as s liberal sprinkling of woodwork, glass, trinkets and the like.  I bought some lovely patchouli scented Goat's milk soaps and a candle to burn for later in the evening.  We checked out the Falls (Glacial pots to those in the know) and perused the shops on the other side of the river as well as the factory store for LamsonSharp, makers of fine knives and cutlery.  You can even see a set that was originally sent to U.S. Grant for use in the White House.  Whodathunk ?

 A small band of faes went foraging in the woods for mushrooms which were used later that evening in the absolutely delicious meal.  My personal highlight was the squash gratin of sorts.  Gooey delicious.

The rest of the evening is a little blurry for me but I CAN attest that the couches were pushed back and the rug rolled up to make way for more music.  The melloness of the room was apparent and S. and I went off to bed in the RV while the evening continued.  I briefly got up around midnight to see if Glisten had arrived (he had) but the whole house was asleep and the lights out.  So I raided the freezer and pilfered some Vanilla ice cream and ate it under the stars.  I looked up and saw my personal favorites, the Pleiades  just to the right of Orion's belt.  I love those gals!

The morning gave way to more sunshine and caffeine.  Biscotti was offered along with the fresh fruit and eggs.  We cleaned up our spaces, the furniture was returned to its original spots and we said our good-byes to a great weekend in Jason's house in Shelburne Falls.  Thanks Jason and Steve! 

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