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Land Use Plan-It
landplan.gif The land, oh the land!
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Land Use Report: Prepare for the Annual Meeting 2012 Daisy Shaver 1772
Land Use Plan-It Contact List Daisy Shaver 2643
Report from the Land 9/20/10: Daisy Shaver 2528
Cabin Designs Bambi Gauthier 4116
Cabin discussion from Governance 2008 Bambi Gauthier 6077
Forest Management Plan Summary Bambi Gauthier 5762
Barnraising Video Jay Schuster 5975
Dhamibhoo's Journal Michel 5368
Possible Garden Designs Jay Schuster 6505
Photos from the Foundation Pour Jay Schuster 7731
timber framing begins Matt Bucy 5201
water! Matt Bucy 5128
Faerie Sawyers (Faeries Gone Butch!) Jay Schuster 5286
Design Comet Flares Through NYC Daisy Shaver 5629
Volunteering for Destiny Bambi Gauthier 5542
The well is in! Jay Schuster 4796
Land Use: Destiny Geographic Jay Schuster 10777
Land Use: Mission Jay Schuster 6449
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  • Coordinating Plan-It  ( 2 items )
    As a plan-it of service, rather than an approving body, the coordinating plan-it works as an equal with the other plan-its with the specific responsibility of facilitating the process of the Circle.     
  • Gathering Plan-it  ( 6 items )
    Gatherings on and off the land.
  • Media Plan-It  ( 2 items )
    The varied media of Destiny
  • Money Plan-it  ( 8 items )
    We, the money plan-it, work on Destiny's fundraising.
  • Tribal Memory Plan-it  ( 12 items )
    Red Book/Green Book.  Archives.