What is a Faerie?

A network of faggot farmers, workers, artists, drag queens, leathermen, political activists, witches, magickians, rural and urban dwellers who see gays, lesbians, queers, and folk of trans experience a distinct people with a distinct culture, way of becoming, and spirituality.

What is Faerie Camp Destiny?

In 1993, in the midst of the emerging Radical Faerie movement and the AIDS crisis, a faemily of Faeries rented a home on 38-acres in Northfield, Vermont. Named after the vanity plates on the car of the realtor, Destiny drew Faeries from near and far. They skinny-dipped in the pond, walked the woods, meditated, tended gardens, and, when the sun set, circled around a ritual fire to celebrate Vermont’s starry nights. Destiny became a destination, an ideal faerie sanctuary. But one day, the landowner sold the property, just like that.