The Road Is Soup

Happy Spring!! MxC and I hiked up to Destiny today.

The road is completely impassable right now. No faerie should attempt to drive up the hill until further notice.

The road below Tom's is like soft serve ice cream in many places. We spoke with Tom today, this is one of the worst mud season's we've all experienced. It's finally warm and drying but rain is expected.


2019 Annual Meeting Agenda


FRIDAY, APRIL 12, 2019

[Kitchen Top = Bon Bon]

6:00pm - Arrive at Hilltop

7:00pm - Potluck DINNER

Proposing Phase 2 of Act 250: Full-time residential permitting

At the Annual Meeting next weekend, faeries will discuss the placement of cabins, a bunkhouse, a vaulted privy, and workshop at Destiny. Land Use and Design Plan-Its formulated a proposed map a few years ago. The Act 250 environmental permitting is up for renewal in October. This proposal is the bases to shape a five-year development plan.

2019 Annual Meeting is upon us!

Faerie Camp Destiny
Annual Meeting
April 12th to 14th

Yoo Hoo! It's time to come together and tend to the hearth. Winter might see no gatherings, but there is much to be done behind the scenes to make the season happen. Come join us as we plan together and prepare for the near and long term future of our community and land.

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When are the 2019 gatherings?

Spring is almost here and faeries are working hard to plan this year's gatherings.

Here is a preview of when the three major gatherings at Destiny will occur this year:

Welcome Home - May 24th - 27th
Lammas - July 26th - August 4th
Fall Foliage - October 11th - 14th

These three gatherings happen at roughly the same time every year. There may also be smaller gatherings at other times, too! The full gathering schedule will be finalized at the Annual Meeting in mid-April. Stay tuned.