Proposing Phase 2 of Act 250: Full-time residential permitting

At the Annual Meeting next weekend, faeries will discuss the placement of cabins, a bunkhouse, a vaulted privy, and workshop at Destiny. Land Use and Design Plan-Its formulated a proposed map a few years ago. The Act 250 environmental permitting is up for renewal in October. This proposal is the bases to shape a five-year development plan.

The current Phase 1 permitting was first submitted in 2004. That permitting reflects "a warm weather campground for 78 campers" with map showing a kitchen/dining hall, 5 cabins, a vaulted privy, workshop, bathhouse, the Yurt and Giza. The placement of those structures has evolved over the years based on tree clearing. Destiny doesn't host 78 campers every day. Those numbers are present merely during the 12-20 days of gatherings. Five to twelve faeries live on the Land full-time during the warm weather. The language of the permitting doesn't reflect the actual occupancy giving the State markedly inflated occupancy rates.

Phase 2 year-round residential permitting has yet to be proposed to the State of Vermont. It will require evaluation by the Fish and Wildlife, Water Safety and Forestry Management Boards. The map enclosed with this article is the site proposal. It is hoped to get a map approved early in this season to allow for plenty of time to negotiate with the state boards.

Drafted proposed language for the permitting is "FCD proposes permitting the property as a private co-housing collective farm that hosts events with 50 visitors 20 days a year. The winter access would be on the existing north-facing road exiting onto Highway 103. There is no further development of the property planned for the upper 150 acres. A two to three acre parcel near the highway 103 entrance could be considered for winter time access. But this would likely be far into the future. FCD is willing to put all land not currently being developed into conservation trust for wildlife and forestry enhancement except for the potential 2-3 acre lower parcel."

A slideshow of the proposal can be found at this YouTube link.

This proposal will be discussed at the Annual Meeting April 12, 13, and 14th at the Hilltop Montessori School in Brattleboro, VT.