Destiny State of Financial Affairs Spring 2017

Dear Destinettes:

As we approach the Annual Meeting, the Coordinating Plan-It would like to keep the faeries aware of Destiny’s financial state.

Currently, our most important operating expenditures which consist of Insurance, Property Tax, and Mortgage/Loan payments, are about $1,000/month. This does not include other operational expenses, gatherings, new projects or any maintenance of the road, buildings, gardens, and machinery. Until recently, our monthly sustaining donor base was adequate to meet these expenses. This is no longer the case. We currently only receive $550 monthly through sustaining donors. At this rate, Destiny will run out of these operating funds in just a few months.

For the last four years, Destiny has had the luxury of a robust monthly sustaining donor amount that covered the most important expenses and some minor projects. We were previously receiving $1,250 a month. So it is essential that the Destiny community come together to form a regular sustaining donor base to keep the place operational by increasing that number from $500 a month to $1,500 a month. This way, Destiny can meet its operational expenses as well as keep the dining hall project moving forward.

Without some special assistance now, it’s going to be financially rough to get the Sanctuary open for the season.

This notice doesn’t mean we are in any danger. But we don’t currently have the bank to fill the pantry for this season which is typically about $5,000 for food, fuels and supplies. We only have about $2,000 in the bank.

Each gathering typically only brings in enough revenue to cover the costs of food and fuels. We cannot count on any one gathering to bring in enough to pay for another gathering, let alone our operating costs. So it is essential to have the backup monthly donor-base to keep the community financially afloat.

What We Can Do to Fix this Problem:

In the past, fundraising events have been organized by individuals in Boston and New York that were a mainstay of funding for projects like the septic system, the well, the solar electric system. Large events raised $4,000-7,000 and happened every few years. Smaller, more frequent events happened routinely which raised $400-1,000. These events have not been occurring much for the last 3 years. You can help by considering ways you might throw a fundraiser or start an independent campaign.

Faerie Camp Destiny is a collective and reliant on the donations of each and every faerie that comes to the Sanctuary. At this time, it is important for Destiny faeries to consider the value of the Sanctuary and think about ways in which to help keep this mission afloat.

Please, register for gatherings before the gathering. This will provide us with the cash to purchase groceries for that gathering. Think about giving about $25-$50 a day when you come to the Sanctuary. If every visiting faerie gave this amount, our financial concerns would be solved. But current gathering giving is more in the range of $10 a day.

If you would like to start a monthly electronic funds transfer account, just email to begin the process to set this up. If every faerie reading this would consider a mere $20 a month we could reach financial stability instantaneously.

You can also donate to Destiny in one time chunks at

Thank you for your ongoing support on our loving community.