Solar Electric System Installed at Destiny

PV panels

The solar electric system has been installed at Destiny. Events and individual donors have been raising funds for five years for the off-grid system to run the well pump, lights and appliances in the kitchen. Thanks to generous support from the Open Society Institute, the system went in this July. The Samara Fund of the Vermont Community Foundation is also an on-going supporter of Destiny.

For years the well pump has been run by a gasoline generator. This meant running the gasoline generator every time the 60 gallon pressure tank emptied. A few years ago, Gregory designed a gravity-feed system to reduce the amount of generator usage but storing 1500 gallons of water up the hill. Now the pump is run using the solar electric system. The gravity feed is still used to optimize battery utilization. It's quiet. It's renewable. The gravity feed only operates in the three season when the temperatures are above freezing.

As fall rolled in, the gravity feed was taken down. Now the system is on an automatic refill into a bladder pressure tank in the utility room. It refills quietly without notice.

The residents are becoming familiar with the system. MxC brought a small chest freezer to the kitchen which was hacked to make a chest refrigerator. DESTINY HAD A REFRIGERATOR THIS SUMMER! To operate the system, faeries must be familiar with electricity usage, the amount of charge in the batteries, and on-going maintenance and upkeep of the system. Daisy and MxC will monitor the batteries and kitchen over the winter.

Thank you to everyone who has helped make this step of the vision toward full-time living a reality!!!