Lammas 2019: Watershed Dead

Join us at Destiny for our annual Lammas Gathering, July 27-August 4 (Cleanup August 5-7)

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August 3rd - Magician Doxie Presents: Watershed Dead
Email to get involved. Email for non-play related questions.

Gathering coordinators: Pocketz, Subtle, MxC

Destiny welcomes all genders.

Queer Interdependence 2019

Join us at Destiny to celebrate summer and our queer community for a gathering we call Queer Interdependence from July 4-7.

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July 5 - Live performances from Feathers, #Giant, Subtle and more

July 6 - Dance Party with DJs Pussywillow, Hertz Van Rental, and dj4thepeople

Thanks to Subtle for organizing and coordinating this gathering.

2019 Gathering Schedule!

The faeries are delighted to announce the gathering schedule for 2019!
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Opening Work Weekends: May 11-12 and May 17-18

Welcome Home: May 24-27

Queer Interdependence: July 4-7

Work Weekend: July 19-21

Lammas: July 27 - August 4
Lammas Cleanup: August 5-7