What is a Faerie?

A network of faggot farmers, workers, artists, drag queens, leathermen, political activists, witches, magickians, rural and urban dwellers who see gays, lesbians, queers, and folk of trans experience a distinct people with a distinct culture, way of becoming, and spirituality.

Faeries believing that all people have unique and necessary contributions to make, contributions that must be made to help regain the lost balance of the larger human community. Being radically (at the root) decentralist and anti-authoritarian, there are no leaders. Each faerie is divine and speaks for themselves.

Joining together with each other in mutual aid and love for play, work, self-discovery and nurturing. To be a Faerie is an act of self-definition. Without dogma, Faeries share and celebrate common visions. Some of these are: a belief in the sacredness of nature and the earth; honoring the interconnectedness of spirit, sex, politic and culture; an understanding that each has their own path(s) which lead to the garden-of-being. By uniting with each other in circles, gatherings and sanctuaries, Faeries increase the joy of weeding and tending gardens together; a commitment to the process of group consensus; and an understanding of collective interconnectedness and interdependency.

What is Faerie Camp Destiny?

In 1993, a family of Radical Faeries rented a home on 38-acres in northern Vermont. They named it Destiny Lodge, and it was good. Secluded, with expansive views of the valley below, Destiny drew Faeries from near and far who sunbathed, skinny-dipped in the pond, walked the woods, meditated, tended gardens, pitched tents, and, when the sun set, circled around a ritual fire to celebrate the magic of Vermont’s starry night skies. Destiny became a destination, an ideal faerie sanctuary. But one day, the Landowner sold the property, just like that. As the Destiny tribe packed, they vowed to recreate what they had lost. Faerie Camp Destiny was born, a vision for faerie sanctuary.

Today, Faerie Camp Destiny is a non-profit, 501(c)3 educational corporation, dedicated to permanent, sustainable faerie sanctuary and community, and to sharing what we know of community, civil rights, environmental issues, drama, art and peace. Seeded with faerie money, propelled by nurture, persistence, generosity and faith, the sanctuary vision is now reality. Situated in southern Vermont, this “magickly delicious” forest includes 166 acres of reforested farmland, meandering stone walls, a rushing stream and miles of hiking trail.

Over the years the Faerie Camp Destiny family has restored over a mile of mountain trail, built a timberframe and stawbale kitchen and yurt, extended and upgraded access roads over a mile of passable road. Our construction permit provides for the construction of bath, toilet and cooking facilities to make our forays and frolics more comfortable and accessible to less mobile faeries.

In 2005 we cleared a meadow for circles and gardening and drilled a well. In 2006 we installed an environment-friendly Presby septic system, did site work for the bath house and kitchen, and poured the kitchen foundation. In 2007, we have erected, roofed, and closed in the kitchen structure that timberframe and strawbale crafted by the Destiny fae. The kitchen was permitted in 2011 for occupation. With a little tweaking of the cabinetry the summer of 2012, the interiors will be mostly finished. In the winter of 2009, another couple of acres were cleared at the kitchen site to open spectacular views. Last summer,the first permanent cabins were contructed.

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